Sal DeRosalia 2021 Kitsap County Voter Guide Campaign Statement

Sal DeRosalia
Phone: 206-747-4559

Professional Experience: 20 Years as a business owner, COO of Manifest Health, Co-Founder/Organizer of Race Equity Network, Creator and Host of Wake Up Bainbridge, Completed People’s Institute, Undoing Racism and Base Building Workshops.

Education: Olympic College, Poulsbo, WA

Community Service: Volunteer Firefighter/EMT for Bainbridge Island Fire Department (2003-2010), Community Organizer since 2004 assisting C.O.B.I., Race Equity Advisory Committee, Kitsap ERACE, Boys & Girls Club, Bainbridge Island Senior Center and Bainbridge Island Community Vaccine Clinic, Kitsap Public Health District Equity Advisory Group and served on the 2020/21 Cultural Funding Cycle Task Force.

Statement: Over 20 years as an active Bainbridge Island resident, long term business owner, volunteer and community leader have prepared me to represent the Central Ward and serve the entire island. 

My platform focuses on 3 main areas. First, good government through transparency, diversity and equity within our city staffing, policies and procedures. Second, fulfilling the Comprehensive Plan by passing legislation that updates city codes. Third, advancing a stable small business economy that supports both residents as well as those who work on and visit Bainbridge Island. 

Some 2 plus years ago I created an island-focused news show dedicated to illuminating the issues most important to our community. More than 500 episodes and 100,000 views of Wake Up Bainbridge give me confidence that few island residents have paid more attention and been more involved with the City of Bainbridge Island than I.

I have engaged with hundreds of island residents, business owners and their employees, organization leaders, department chiefs, board members, parents, youth, elected officials and city staff. As a well-rounded pragmatist; I’m committed to respectful, collegial, transparent and equitable service to the diverse citizenry of Bainbridge Island. Elect Sal DeRosalia for City Council.

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