Elect Sal DeRosalia Fulfilling the Comprehensive Plan Bainbridge Island

Fulfilling the Comprehensive Plan

Two words, Winslow Hotel.

Whether or not you are for this or against it, the Winslow Hotel project has cost the City your tax dollars and plenty of time. Two years of meetings and hearings held by the City Council, Planning Commission and Design Review Board could have been avoided if we had included the Hotel in our building moratorium when it was in place for over two years. Now we may suffer a lawsuit if the developer decides to challenge the “new” moratorium which abruptly removes his ability to proceed with development.

Our Comprehensive Plan states that we don’t want an 80 plus room hotel in Downtown Winslow but we didn’t act. Let’s not make that mistake again. Let’s clean up the codes so they match the Comp Plan.

I will make that a priority in my first term.

My goal is to spend some City Council and Staff time combing through the Comprehensive Plan that was updated in 2017, to identify and prioritize the rest of the codes/ordinances that need to be updated and… UPDATE THEM!

Another significant item that needs to be addressed as soon as possible is the implementation of the goals and policies in the “Housing Element” of the Comprehensive Plan. There is a long list of High Priority Actions that include but are not limited to, adopting or amending regulations, creating partnerships and educational programs, and staffing or other budgetary decisions.

Addressing this portion of our Comprehensive Plan will not only help towards alleviating the housing crisis we are in, it will help us to fulfill portions of the Comp Plan we are woefully behind in. Information about the Housing Element of the Bainbridge Island Comprehensive Plan can be found here.

Our City Council needs to close the gap between the Comprehensive Plan and the current set of City ordinances. If elected to the Central Ward as your next City Council Member, I would use my time and resources to pursue these loopholes so they do not cost our City or it’s residents any more time and money.

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