Bainbridge Island Police/Municipal Court Facility

Bainbridge Island Police/Municipal Court Facility

I fully support the new Bainbridge Island’s police/municipal court facility and plans to move into the retrofitted Harrison Medical Center building. The City Council voted and approved this measure. The City purchased this building for this specific reason and has building permits in hand. 

The current police building is 76 years old. Our court facility is not even owned by the City of Bainbridge Island, it’s a shared rental with a storage company at more than $4,000 a month plus utilities. 

The City of Bainbridge Island conducted an in depth study of the current police station. The findings were as clear as could be, it’s time for a major upgrade. You can see the full Makenzie Study here and find more information on the police court facility details on the C.O.B.I. website here

Having taken the time to tour both facilities and speak at length with Police Chief Joe Clark and Judge Sarah McCulloch, I can personally attest to the badly needed upgrades. They showed me their less than acceptable working conditions which include structural and site deficiencies such as:

  • unreinforced masonry
  • thin walls you can hear though
  • no secure holding areas
  • insufficient space
  • unsecured parking
  • loose wiring for electricity and telecommunications
  • insufficient private areas for attorneys to discuss and clients
  • staff bathroom that is also a hallway between the lunchroom and the court administrator’s “office”

Simply put, the current facilities we operate out of are not fit to do business in. They are unsafe and inadequate. 

We are losing thousands of dollars a day delaying this project. The City is ready to put the contract out for bid and build the much needed Bainbridge Island’s police/municipal court facility.

If elected, I will immediately pursue moving forward with the police/court project. 

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